Internal transport

Work ergonomically and prevent heavy lifting, pushing and pulling with internal transport carts

Customised internal material handling is unique to WEWO. Get involved and achieve the design.

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Almost half of all absenteeism in the Netherlands is caused by complaints related to the back, neck and limbs. Many of those complaints originate from lifting, pushing or pulling heavy weights. For pushing or pulling a load, the Dutch standard is no more than 30 kg. These limits are very easily exceeded, even in an office environment. WEWO would be pleased to advise you about the correct application of health and safety legislation, and to introduce you to electrically powered carts.

The great strength of WEWO lies within the engineering department. Your cart will be customised here.

Transport carts for refilling coffee machines

The special feature of these transport carts is that the sides, which are made of HPL material, were provided with a print before gluing the top layer.


We would be very happy to develop a solution for your unique situation.

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We have enjoyed working for the following companies:

120 smart home delivery cabinets

The home delivery cabinet, in combination with smart logistics, makes transport much more efficient.

HPL lockers equipped with Gantner locking system

Three hundred HPL lockers for Rijswijks Lyceum. The lockers are equipped with the Gantner locking system.

Internal transport

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